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NOVEMBER 23, 2022


(1 Corinthians 2:8) None of the rulers of this age recognized and understood this wisdom; for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory;

From our scripture of meditation for today, we see that the Lord of glory was once crucified making it clear that this Scripture is referring to the Lord Jesus. So, Jesus is the Lord of glory. The word translated ‘glory’ in our theme scripture means dignity, honor, praise, and worship. So, Jesus is the Lord who is dignified, praised, honored, and worshipped by us. As a Christian, you must constantly and consciously dignify, honor, praise, and worship Jesus from your heart every day.

You can kneel, raise your hands, or lie on the floor as you dignify, honor, praise, and worship Him. This is a surest way to call on the Spirit and presence of Jesus in our lives. And in His presence all troubles and fears dematerialize. You can do it in prayer, confessions, and or in songs now. Jesus is the Lord of glory. Halleluyah!

Confession: Jesus Christ is the Lord of glory. He is worthy of all praise, adoration, honor, dignity, and praise. In His presence, all troubles and fears dematerialize. As I acknowledge Him as the Lord of glory, I am seeing His works and miracles in my life today. Halleluyah!

Say this if you have never been born again. I declare from today that Jesus Christ is my Lord and I believe that God raised Him from the dead.


You can begin to attract God’s goodness into your life from today.

Prepared by Ps. Bernard and Team

Facebook: Pastor Bernard Efa

YouTube: Pastor Bernard Efa

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